Meter helps you understand your money by the second. More importantly, you can match the color to your phone.
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Hello, my name is CW. I created Meter with a very simple idea – I just want to know how much money I make down to the second and understand how much my bills cost me on a day to day basis. I searched the App Store and couldn't find an app to fulfill my needs, so I decided to make one myself.

Meter is finally here after almost a year of learning, designing, and developing with lots of sleepless nights. It was quite a ride for me to start from scratch and end up with a finished app in the App Store. I've learned a lot from making Meter, and now I would love to share the app with you.

Thanks for your support if you choose to download the App! If you have any suggestions or ideas to make this app better please email me at:
Privacy Policy
This app does not collect or track any personal data and information from its users. Because I don’t want to and don’t know how to do that.